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Client Portal User Help

To register to be a user on the Client Portal, click the Register link on the login page at: Image not found!
The New User Registration page appears.
Complete the fields within the Registration Form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. Then click the Register button.
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Users registering a business email address receive a confirmation email. A site Administrator may have to complete additional registration services for you. You will receive an email with additional instructions, if necessary.


The Client Portal is similar to mail carriers “Track My Package”. It provides a window into the status of the assignment(s) sent to Alacrity based on the user level. In addition, there is a dashboard to show a summary listing of key metrics to establish trend data. The Representative/Adjuster will create a unique secure login and password to create and manage their assignments or those of other members of the team/group..
Yes. Each Representative/Adjuster will create their own unique login and password and will be set up based on the user level allowed. The Representative/Adjuster can control what assignments they want to view by either selecting “My Assignments” or “All” assignments. Selecting the “My Assignments” option allows a Representative/Adjuster to only view the assignments they created. Selecting the “All” option allows a client to view assignments created by all Representatives/Adjusters within the local branch/group. By default, each user is set up with Level 1 credentials which allows the Representative/Adjuster to either view their own assignments (“My Assignments”) or other members (“All”) within the team/group. However, if you want to limit the level of access then simply contact the Client Service Center at or (800) 872-4732.
You can email us at or call our Client Service Center at (800) 872-4732 between the hours of 7am-7pm CDT and they will capture the information needed to resolve the issue.
Known domains are approved automatically. Unfamiliar domains will be verified on a case by case basis and approved if valid. Registration will be rejected if the domain is not a business domain. Examples would be;;; etc.
Yes. Training can be coordinated by your Alacrity Account Manager or you can contact us at or call our Client Service Center at (800) 872-4732 between the hours of 7am-7pm CDT. We will take your information and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a training session for you. Additionally, you can also click on “Contact Us” within the portal and make request for training.
A client Dashboard is currently available that highlight key metrics such as MTD/YTD cycle time, total loss vs. repairable severity, 1st and 3rd party severity and your top 10 Adjusters/Representatives. You are also able to export assignment information.
Customized reporting requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Please submit your request to
Specialty and Auto Solutions encrypts all data in transit, data backups and all stored confidential data.
This is based on the state mandate by business group.
Yes. You can export or download certain information from each page.
For all technical and support issues contact the Client Service Center at (800) 872-4732. The hours of operation are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. The Client portal is available 24 hours each day.
Contact the handling Specialty and Auto Solutions office directly. For additional assistance contact the Client Service Center at (800) 872-4732. The hours of operation are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday and they will assist.
Yes. You can send a deactivation request via email to A member of our Client Service Center will deactivate the user and send email confirmation back to the requestor when completed. If you want this user to be granted access in the future you will have to send a reactivation request